29 May

Have you ever noticed that ISIS always waits nearly a week to claim responsibility? They want to see how people are reacting to a terror incident.

Of course, any time innocent people die it is just awful, but the sad truth is that some attacks get more news coverage and reaction than others. I’m not trying to be callous here, just honest.

Act the Part

The thing is, I think about eight times out of ten, ISIS isn’t actually responsible, but they want to act like they are relevant. The media goes along with it, because they want people to think there’s only ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and not solitary crazy people – regardless of religion or belief.

I’m not trying to excuse the actions of any of these crazy people, but I also think that some of the crazies themselves are jumping on the bandwagon — that they really don’t share any ideology, but are just straight-up insane. ISIS loves to play into that, in order to continue their campaign of fear.

by Sameh Hill
Gaseoustania Tonight


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