Feedback Friday

Winner Takes All

Everyone’s always trying to be so patriotic — saying they do such-and-such “so the terrorists don’t win.” News flash: they’ve already won!

Their victory in the U.S. started just after 9/11, when we started to become a security state. And things will only get worse. Terrorists love it! They can’t wait until this country becomes a police state, which will happen much sooner than later. I predict in the next 10 years.



It’s pretty straight forward. Veterans Day is for all veterans and Memorial Day is for those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The latter isn’t for all people who died, regardless of what you’ve heard. And for anyone who says veterans get “too many days,” the only reason you’re not speaking German right now is because of those veterans!


Same Old  Story

Commencement speeches are all the same. They’re so idealistic, and rarely have any base in reality. “You can be anything you want to be.” That’s just not true. The speeches have become more about the speaker trying to relive their youth than offering any sort of real, concrete advice to new grads.


Flood Gates

We should legalize all drugs and let people kill themselves. Not only does it ‘thin the herd’ and shut down the cartels (thugs will have to find another past time), but if we tax the hell out of the drugs, we could be out of debt in no time!


Common Courtesy

I don’t mind “sharing the road” with cyclists, but the bike lane is there for a reason. Today, this cyclist was riding about in the middle of the road, which caused a huge backup. Finally, one car went around the guy, and he yelled and gave the motorist the finger! Ridiculous. If drivers are constantly reminded to “share the road,” cyclists need to be following the same rule.


Free Ride

Long-term welfare people are parasites. Just like a tick feeds off a dog, sucking its blood, a parasite survives at the dog’s expense. In this case it’s the taxpayers who suffer. Assistance programs are there for when people need a “hand up.” They’re not a permanent fix, and shouldn’t be viewed as a way of life.


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