House Always Wins

The Church of Scientology is in talks with the City of Clearwater, Florida for a “land swap” that is touted to please both parties. Not so fast.

Crazy Like a Fox

The Church — in my estimation — is taking a page straight out of the Walmart playbook… with a little twist.

Under the deal, Scientology will buy the disputed lot, and then negotiate a “land swap” where the church would instead get several lots deemed ‘useless’ to the city. But there’s a catch.

Negotiations often fall through. There’s nothing in the current deal that says church officials can’t simply walk away from talks and end up with the controversial plot. They are the ‘rightful’ owners, after all.

Time will tell what will finally happen with the land in question. Clearwater’s City Council is expected to discuss the issue at their June 14 meeting.

by Kreistance Kline
Gaseoustania Tonight


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