Sign of the Times

7 Jun

Unbelievable! An Oklahoma girl runs for help after their dad was trying to drown two twin babies in a bathtub. The neighbor goes over to the house and ends up shooting and killing the dad — a would-be double-murderer.  Now the neighbor might be charged!

Mind Your Own

If this guy is charged, I’ll be pissed. It would send a harsh message, and would discourage people from ever intervening. Even the idea that he could face trouble is ridiculous!

Like right now, if I see a guy getting mugged on the street, or some car crash victim that needs help or something, I’m going to do the right thing and offer help. But if I have to worry about possible fines or even jail time, I might think twice. And that’s just sad.

It’s tough to be a good Samaritan these days.

by Jon Novin
Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin
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