Smoke Screen

Yeah, that whole thing about Harvard banning students for “obscene” posts? What a crock! The school is just trying to look good and maintain their image.

The truth is, the place is full of crooks, pedos, thieves, liars, you name it. And their rich parents hide every nasty thing they do. It’s been going on for decades, and it will continue for decades.

Property of the State

That’s saying nothing about the fact that these students were posting on a private forum, and didn’t even mention Harvard. I’m not excusing their slurs, but I think we’re heading down a dangerous road here.

So now anyone can throw you under the bus just ‘cause they don’t like what you post? If my boss gets pissed that I contribute to a political party that he doesn’t agree with, can he fire my ass? Absurd!

I, for one, will protect free speech at all costs. Just ‘cause you don’t agree with something, doesn’t mean you can take away someone else’s rights!

by Nora Mai
Gaseoustania Tonight


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