Feedback Friday

Don’t Mess with Swiss

The main reason no one has ever invaded Switzerland is because the country’s citizens are heavily armed, and they all know how to use their weapons. It’s like seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in a tutu. Are you really going to be the one to tell him he looks silly?


Fix Your News

When did it become acceptable to openly have a ‘slant’ in news? My daughter just graduated from journalism school and in applying to jobs is seeing “liberal” and “conservative” everywhere! What happened to “objective?!” Absurd.


Scared @#$%less

All those “tough” people on Naked & Afraid need to spend 21 days in the ‘hood. Let them get their asses handed to them. Then let’s see how hardcore they are!


Get On Board

Look, self-checkout is going to be more and more prevalent in the coming years. If you don’t like it, shop somewhere else! There will always be some places that don’t adopt the trend, just like the insane old people that are clinging to the past and insist on getting a flip phone, instead of adapting to the future and learning how to use technology.


Mad About Juice

The thing about 100% juice is it’s so goddam expensive, and then you end up having crap juice mixed in with it! You think you’re getting pomegranate juice or something, but it’s mostly apple juice. It’s highway robbery, is what it is!


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