American Dream

I just read an article that took a negative view of future country leaders. Titled “I Guess Anyone Can Run for President Now,” the author predicted a future where lawmakers lack not only government and/or military experience, but any sort of leadership experience at all.

Letting Off Steam

Understanding the author’s (and anyone’s) right to vent about the decisions and actions of the current Administration, I found both the title and the content that followed to be condescending, inaccurate, and downright childish.


Reach for the Stars

Any American citizen — any American citizen — can run for an be elected to the office of the President of the United States, so long as they meet the very basic requirements.

That means:

  • male, female
  • black, Asian
  • fat, skinny
  • disabled
  • Christian, Muslim
  • gay, straight, transgender
  • and more

So why the qualification hate?

Personal characteristics and convictions don’t and shouldn’t matter, so long as the individual loves this great country with all their heart, and is fiercely dedicated not only to protecting the freedom, safety, and security of its citizens, but also to aiding these United States to continue to strive for excellence and be a shining star amongst world nations.

The “Every Man’s” Last Stand

I understand the frustration and consternation regarding the current Administration. But we should take care not to allow any of today’s realities to sway our acceptance of future qualified candidates and leaders, regardless of their possession (or lack) of government or military experience.

Let’s empower our young people to once again dream and achieve even the loftiest of goals. Yes, Johnny, yes, Jenny, you can be President one day. I, for one, welcome the challenge and opportunity to help aid and foster the next generation of true American patriots.

My Two Cents
by Peter P. Gaseoustania
Gaseoustania Tonight


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