Too Bad, So Sad

13 Jun

The American student sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea is coming home, but officials say he’s now in a coma and it’s unclear whether he’ll face long-term health complications.

Otto Warmbier was sentenced in January 2016, after he was seen on video tape stealing a propaganda poster from a hotel in the Communist country.

Now, his parents are vowing ‘vengeance’ against North Korea, and seemingly attempting to make their son some sort of living martyr. Give me a break!


Personal Responsibility

The first mistake this douche made was going to that whack-job country in the first place. The second, of course, was committing theft, which is a punishable crime anywhere. And now his family wants sympathy?

You can’t just go into a sovereign nation, break their rules, and expect the U.S. to bail you out. If the situation were reversed, and some foreigner came here and broke the rules, the same SOBs speaking out now would been demanding punishment.

If this prick ever comes to, at least he’ll have to live with the horror of his year in an overseas prison. Maybe next time he’ll think twice before trying to get a free souvenir.

by Danka Leebon
Gaseoustania Tonight


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