Feedback Friday

Holla Back

Why do people care so much about what other people think? Not every snide, judging comment from someone deserves a response. You’re not going to change them, and they don’t care about anything you say to try to “shut them down” anyway. Sometimes it’s best to be the bigger person, and just leave these dirtbags to be dirtbags.


Smoke Screen

Shows like Naked & Afraid are silly. I’m more worried about getting assaulted on the street. I’d actually welcome a vacation in the woods for a few days, to get away from the psychotics I meet on a daily basis. People are the real animals.


Fair Weather Friend

To the person who was talking about Switzerland’s ‘neutral’ stance: there’s a difference between promoting peace and standing idly by while people who desperately need your help are dying.

The Swiss people and the government are bastards. The country’s underperformance in World War Two is disgusting. It’s like watching someone being murdered on the street. Sure, you may not want to directly intervened for fear of your own safety, but you can at least call 911.


Tether Kid

Hey, a child leash is better than forcing them to walk with their arm raised straight up the whole time! Not to mention that unless it’s your kid, you might want to shut the hell up about how I raise mine.


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