Feedback Friday

23 Jun

Don’t Tread on Me

After the death of Otto Warmbier, some people are calling on a travel ban to the Communist country. This makes no sense for a few reasons:

  • The Trumpeteers would belly-ache that their ‘rights’ are being compromised
  • Trump’s own travel bans haven’t gone very well
  • Who in their right mind even wants to go to North Korea, or Iran, or any other psycho country?!

It’s called common sense, people. Get some.


Give ‘Em What They Want

The recent attack on London Muslims leaving a mosque shows a scary new ‘us against them’ trend. The problem is, that’s exactly what the radical Muslim terrorists want! We can’t get sucked into their games and kill innocent people. The real enemy is ISIS and the terrorists, not all Muslims.


No, Thanks

If aliens exist, I doubt they’d ever come back to Earth. They see how we treat our own people. They know we’d go ape shit on them if they showed up!


Games People Play

Those stupid “your speed” mobile signs they put on the roads are a trip. It’s not like there are any cops around. I actually speed up to see how high I can get the numbers. I want to see that little warning light flash so hard it burns out!


Good as Gone

Not using self-checkout at the store is not going to save anyone’s job. Automation is here to stay, and it’s going to be replacing more and more jobs and take a larger role in everything we do in the very near future. Deal with it.


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