Rehab Done Right

23 Jun

Six Georgia prisoners are being hailed as heroes, after officials say they likely saved a guard’s life. When a corrections officer suffered a heart attack, the men sprung into action — calling 911 and even performing CPR.

Now, the prisoners — who were all serving short sentences for minor crimes — will each have their sentence reduced by 25 percent.

Hand Up

We need to hear more of these stories. In this case, the conduct of the prisoners is a testament to the respectful treatment they received whilst incarcerated. Any of these men could have chosen to steal the officer’s gun and commit any number of crimes. None of them did.

If you lock up a dog and beat it every day, of course it will lash out at you. But if you are kind and caring, even if the animal may have made a simple mistake, they will shower you with affection. It’s no different with people. Give respect to get respect.

by Jeanne Deaux
Gaseoustania Tonight


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