Roll Camera

I just watched a dude get pulled over. As the cop was walking to his truck to get his license and registration, I instinctively put my hand on my cellphone — ready to record the latest senseless police shooting of an innocent victim. How did it come to this?

Video Record

Recent video evidence has put police under the microscope. No longer are they able to wantonly abuse their power and harass the general public. But we need to go further than cell phone video and officer body cams. We need to make sure every second of every day of our lives is visually documented.

I want every single person in this country — cops, kids, and everyone in between — to be equipped with the ability to record 24/7 video (with clear imagery and sound!) at the push of a button. I want there to be multiple angles and perspectives, so when something happens, there will be absolutely no room for doubt or debate.

On Notice

If some deadbeat cop “forgets” to turn on his body cam before he beats a perp senseless, there will be other footage to review. If some career criminal decides to go on a rampage and then blame the whole thing on his fragile mental state, witness video will prove that he’s a cool and calculated thug who knew exactly what he was doing.

You want to call this a police state? You want to call it ‘Big Brother?’ Fine by me! I think it’s high time that we arm ourselves with the ability to capture the cold, hard truth, and ensure these type of incidents stop happening once and for all.

by Danka Leebon
Gaseoustania Tonight 


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