The Sociopath Next Door

Every time some maniac goes on a rampage, killing people and causing damage, the news reports are always the same. Every neighbor who’s willing to talk says the same thing:

  • “He was such a nice guy.”
  • “Quiet and friendly.”
  • “Never caused any trouble.”
  • “His lawn was always so well manicured.”

And on and on and on. Everyone goes on this tirade about how “shocked” they are, and how they “never would have expected” such behavior. They all say the crazed murderer was ‘charming.’ Well so is the Devil!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

I’m not trying to get on some soapbox here. I just want to bring some attention to the fact that all these people are trying to fool themselves into thinking they were anything more than passively involved in the community.

I mean, so the guy waves to you when he’s getting his car before work. So you smile and nod at the mailbox every now and then. So what? Bottom line, don’t be shocked if you find out your neighbor is some sociopath, or child molester, or whatever. And don’t go on the news to say he was “such a nice guy.”

‘Cause you never knew him. And he was never a nice guy. For the whopping three seconds you saw each other every other week, he could suppress his homicidal tendencies, but the fact is, the guy was a got-dang whack-job from the word ‘go.’ Done and done.

by Nora Mai
Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin

Residential Life Magazine


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