One of the (hotly-contested) freedoms of being American is the right to deface the very flag that represents our nation. But now, one young woman is in hot water after she posted a video of herself urinating on the flag.

Though the video has since been removed, Emily Lance says she and her family are still getting threats. Supporters of the stunt point to her right of free speech, whilst critics argue it was done in poor taste, and with little thought of how the actions could easily offend.


Letter of the law notwithstanding, one might suggest that if Ms. Lance harbors such hate and resentment toward this country (she captioned the post with a profanity-laced, anti-American sentiment) she may wish to consider relocation.

Even so, it’s never okay to threaten violence against another. No matter your views on the topic, the threats need to stop.

by Kreistance Kline
Gaseoustania Tonight


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