Feedback Friday

Rules and Regs

Toronto did the right thing when they fined that douche who took it upon himself to make unsolicited changes to public property. There’s a little something called safety protocols that this asshole doesn’t know anything about.

We can’t just let people build whatever they want, wherever they want. ‘Cause when someone gets hurt, guess who they’re gonna sue? Not this bastard. The city!


Don’t Go There

Why should we need to ban travel to North Korea for people to finally realize that it’s not a safe country? To protect dirtbags like Otto Warmbier who are too stupid to understand?!

Where does personal responsibility begin? By the way, if you touch a hot stove, you’re going to get burned. Maybe we should ban all stoves.


Spade’s a Spade

Marijuana is a drug. So is alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and even aspirin. Let’s stop trying to pretend that pot does absolutely nothing to a person. It’s a drug! I’m not pro or anti, I just am tired of hearing people defend weed like it’s some wonder substance with absolutely no side-effects or any negative effect at all on a person.


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