Feedback Friday

Semper Fi

Serving your country is not a crime, and shouldn’t be treated as such. Trump’s transgender ban is a slap in the face of our democracy, and is downright un-American. And to think he campaigned as some sort of LGBT champion. What a douche!


No Sympathy for Immigrants

Those ‘undocumented immigrants’ who died in the back of a semi in Texas? F– ‘em. I know that sounds harsh, but they didn’t have to get in that truck in the first place, and they all knew that they were committing a crime by illegally passing a border. They all did.

I hope this is a hard lesson for anyone else who wants to try and pull a similar stunt. I hope the people that they caught get harsh punishment. The truck driver should be shot. And once they find the illegals who got away, they should be shot, too. Zero tolerance is the best policy.


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