No Soup for You

I’m tired of all these companies totally x-ing customers out of the equation! Don’t you like to make money?! ‘Convictions’ and ‘beliefs’ aside, you need to ask yourself why you even got into business in the first place! These days, you can turn someone away if they’re gay, fat, disabled, of a different race or religion, or if you just don’t feel like the way they look that day.

Business Person: I don’t care for your hairstyle and/or outfit. Get out of here!

Case in Point


Last month, my friends — who are married and, oh yeah, happen to be gay — had to find a new hotel, after the one they booked at suddenly had a “reservation error.” Yeah, right. We’re pretty sure it was discrimination, and they’re working with a lawyer to see if they can nail the place.

Meanwhile, this councilman got busted on prostitution charges. The police say that for more than a year, he was bringing ladies of the night back to that very same hotel! There goes your “moral grounds,” you bunch of hypocrites!

And these places — hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. — serve to child molesters, murderers, and the absolute bottom of society all day long. They might not even know it, but in most cases they do and just choose to look the other way. I guess it’s better to fondle a kid than to be in a consensual, loving, committed relationship.


Business people need to take care not to let their own personal morals get in the way of their profits. Just keep your mouth shut and keep making pizzas or whatever. And if you do choose to run your mouth, don’t complain when customers stop showing up. You can’t have it both ways!

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  1. What about the companies that have racist agendas, but don’t let them known outright? Isn’t it better to know where a place stands up front, instead of having them pretend that they’re solid business people, and burn crosses all night? Think about that.

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